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Power Wars: 2017 Challenger SRT Demon

Power Wars: 2017 Challenger SRT Demon

What with Trumponomics making waves worldwide; there's a lot of noise about there may be war with China. A trade war actually, just in case it's stressing you out. I like to think that the American's don't want to start a full on stoush with the Chinese. Surely Mr Trump would get the boot before that happens?

With all the hub-bub going on it's hard to focus on the other war currently waged. The one you and I, the car lover care about, and that's the horsepower war!

Not since the late 60's have we seen such chest thumping by manufacturers; they seem to be acting like school boys, who can spit the furthest is the winner!

The Chevrolet Camaro launched a salvo with the latest special edition based on an SS putting out a heady 580bhp, making it the most powerful production Camaro ever.

Our local mob, HSV, just fired a missile called the GTSR W1, with an incredible 636bhp on tap.

Not be left behind Ford just released details about their heavy bomber, the 50th-anniversary Mustang Super Snake; wait for it, developing an insane 750bhp. Yikes! With that, the Mustang Super Snake knocked off the former power wars king, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat at 707bhp.

You can see where this is going, can't you? Of course, Dodge isn't going to let that rest. Lo and behold ladies and gentleman, let me introduce to you the new, power wars king contender; the 2017 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon.

It's going to drop a nuclear strike on the competition, while there is no official word on the final power output we fully expect it to outdo the Mustang Super Snake when the Challenger SRT Demon makes its debut at this year's New York Motor Show. Why?

The Demon is going on an extreme diet; so not only will it be more powerful, it's going to be lighter, with Dodge saying it's going to be a significant 231lbs lighter than the Hellcat on which it's based. The Challenger Demon is one serious muscle car, for the dedicated only. Rear seats, gone, passenger seat, gone! Minimal sound deadening, smaller brakes, hollow anti-roll bars, all in an attempt to make the Challenger Demon agiler.

To offset the insane power output, the Challenger SRT Demon will be wider to accommodate bigger rear tyres. There's going to have to be a helluva lot of tread on the road if there's any chance of reigning in the Demons immense power. The old school bolt-on guards in the teaser trailer look the bomb. Somehow they've managed to shoehorn 315 18" rubber front and rear; it may even go in a straight line and not kill you! The Hellcat despite its size is a reasonable corner carver; we think the Demon will move the goal posts yet again and could be the best handling Muscle Car ever.

It's good times for Muscle Car fans.

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