Vintage A9X Torana sells at auction for $260K... in under five minutes

Click the link to watch the auction

Watch the moment the A9X broke all Lloyds records and sold for $260,000!!!

‚ÄčA vintage Holden Torana has been auctioned off at a record $260,000 in a bidding session that lasted less than five minutes.

The 1977 Torana SS A9X was sold unopposed to a single online bidder at Lloyds Auctioneers & Valuers auction cars last week on the Gold Coast where over 40 cars went up for sale.

Jaws dropped and crowds gasped as the A9X entered the room in mint condition and original paint. The cameras went nuts and the revheads silenced in awe as the auctioneer began.

After the first bid, the auction was pretty much done, with an online bid of $260,000. All over red rover.

Check out the A9X YouTube video below to see the car in detail before it went to auction.