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Mind blown. 250 GTO re-creation - a thing of beauty

Mind blown. 250 GTO re-creation - a thing of beauty

This guy builds exact replicas of classic cars out of his chicken shed in country New Zealand. No blueprints, no computers, all built by hand just for the love of it. Watch this video as we see a 250 GTO come to life. This is a must see for any car enthusiast. Prepare to have your mind blown. 

Rod Tempero is probably the last of a dying breed, an artisan in an industry where technology rules the day. Rod learned his craft from his father who in turn learned from his father. So Rod truly has the car passion running through his veins. 

The car in question took 4 years to build, such is the finesse that has gone into the project. Arguably you could say it's better built than the original it's based on. When the owner who commissioned the project asked when it would be ready, Rod told him, "it's ready when it's ready". That is the hallmark of a true artist.

Want to know more about Rod, visit his website here.

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