Mercedes-AMG announces the R50 hypercar.

Mercedes-AMG announces the R50 hypercar.

Not to be left out in the cold, Mercedes has, after a long hiatus, decided to enter the hypercar fray. The last hypercar released by the brand was Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren in 2003.

With so many current hypercars out there, they are almost becoming passe. Mercedes, however, know just how important it is to release their own. The flow on effect of street credibility and knock on sales, can not be underestimated.

In partnership with their sub-brand AMG, how will the R50 set itself apart from the rest of the pack? Promised to be 'chock full' of F1 technology, the R50 will be a 'street legal two-seater F1', so says AMG tech chief Thomas Weber.

The R50's exact details are shrouded in mystery, it will be a hybrid, numbers will be very limited, built to celebrate AMG's 50th year involved in motorsport, apart from that little else is known.

To be competitive with the current crop of hypercars, we can expect power outputs between 1300-1500bhp and the 100km/h dash somewhere in the vicinity of 2.4 seconds. Insane figures, but an insanity we can dig!

As more is revealed about the R50, we promise to keep you posted.

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