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Grave robbers try to nab Enzo Ferrari!

Grave robbers try to nab Enzo Ferrari!

Grave robbers try to nab Enzo Ferrari!

No, we're not quoting a line from a cheesy Hollywood B-grade movie script. Apparently, a real attempt was made to desecrate the old man's final resting place.

An organised crime syndicate from Sardina evolved an elaborate plan to make off with Enzo, including an escape route through the Apennine Mountains. Planning to hold onto his remains until ransom demands were met.

An extensive investigation involving 300 police and military officials were used to bring the gangs to justice before they could pull off their nefarious scheme. Mafia bases across Italy were raided to stop the plan, which resulted in thirty-four arrests.

If the old man wasn't turning in his grave, he sure is now.

The story broke cover at

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