Alfa Romeo Giulia conquers Green Hell: 7:32 Nurburgring track record

Alfa Romeo Giulia conquers Green Hell: 7:32 Nurburgring track record

Just to prove that Alfa Romeo is serious about taking on the Germans, the 2017 Alfa Romeo Guilia Quadrofoglio super sedan has just conquered the Nurburgring; famously dubbed the 'Green Hell' for its tortuous 7.7-kilometre race track. The Nurburgring, known both for punishing cars and pushing drivers to their limits is the holy grail for auto manufacturers, all trying to outdo each other for bragging rights as to who makes the fastest cars in the world.

Rankings are divided into classes; who has the fastest sports car, who has the fastest hyper car or in this case, who has the fastest super-sedan?

The previous super-sedan record was held by the all-new Panamera Turbo with a time of 7:39, ousting the Guilia - albeit in a six speed manual. Alfa Romeo decided they couldn't let that stand and went out to show just how quick the Guilia Quadrofoglio can be when equipped with the 8 speed ZF auto transmission. Compared to the Porsche, the diminutive Guilia Quadrofoglio demolished the Panamera lap time by 7.0 seconds with an official recorded time of  7 minutes and 32 seconds.

The potent Alfa Romeo Guilia Quadrofoglio is equipped with a 2.9litre twin turbo V6 engine, capable of putting out a thunderous 375kW/600Nm and 0 to 100km/h in just 3.9 seconds.

Watch the official video of the record being broken and see both car and driver perform what can only be described as a ballet between man and machine. How long the record will stand is anybody's guess, no doubt the response from Porsche will be swift and decisive.

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